Meghan Rachelle


At the age of 22 years old, Meghan has previously served as the youth worship leader and current main leader at Cornerstone Church. She is a recording artist, who followed the calling from God to start this ministry, WhiteOut. In hopes of bringing those far from Christ into the light, the WhiteOut team is passionately taking action in spreading the good news through powerful worship, an engaging sermon as well as many other elements that only continue to cultivate. Our hopes are to spread the good news that all past circumstances and mistakes under Christ are whited out to write new legacies over it.


Ryan worked side-by-side with Meghan to bring to life the first-ever WhiteOut. As WhiteOut grows, he continues to use his talents in lighting and media design. He programs the lights, creates the videos, and designs graphics for the conference.

Visual Arts Director


Matthew oversees all Technical aspects of WhiteOut, maintains equipment, and runs live audio. He served as a youth leader for several years, has served on the worship/tech teams for the past 9 years, and currently is on his church's leadership board.

Technical Director



Matt coordinates all of the information and materials for the students of WhiteOut. He also oversees all small group sessions and volunteers. He is the Business Director of Nordonia Schools, a youth leader at his church, and father to three children: Austin, Emma, and Mason.


Ministry Director


Bruce serves as the outreach director and business consultant of WhiteOut. He has been a pivotal part of our success with his wisdom and creativity. He has led several successful ministries and has been the outreach director at his home church for over 7 years.

The Godfather



Tara and Aires are graphic designers and photographers/videographers who manage and create all of our content for the WhiteOut social media platforms. They both serve at their home church where Aires has been serving as a lighting designer and on production for the last 4 years; while Tara has been serving as a youth leader for the past 5 years and as a photographer and for the past year. They’ve been happily married for a year!



Social Media Managers & Photographers